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Ware-Log, LLC.
Taking Care of Your Warehouse Needs
Services Our Work


Installation, Tear Down & Relocation of:

All Types of Racking (i.e. Pallet, Cantilever, & Furniture) Shelving, Mezzanines, Porta-Fab Buildings, & Conveyors.

We also do: Welding & Repair, Upright Repair Kits, Wire Guidance Systems, Guard Rail, Guide Angle, & Post Protectors.

All Your Warehouse Installation Needs

Services we provide:

Material Handling Installation, Repair, Removal

Warehouse Equipment Installation, Repair, Removal

Pallet Rack Installation, Repair, Removal

Cantilever Installation, Repair, Removal

Furniture racking Installation, Repair, Removal

Shelving Installation, Repair, Removal

Mezzanines Installation, Repair, Removal

Porta-Fab Buildings Installation, Repair, Removal

Conveyers Installation, Repair, Removal

Flow Rack Installation, Repair, Removal

Push Back Racking Installation, Repair, Removal

Pick Module Installation, Repair, Removal

Workstations Installation, Repair, Removal

Guard Rail Installation, Repair, Removal

Guide Angle Installation, Repair, Removal

Post Protectors Installation, Repair, Removal

Welding & Repair

Upright Repair Kit Installation

Wire Guidance Systems Installation

Automated Machinery Installation, Repair, Removal




Customers we have worked with:

Allied Installations


Automated Material Handling

Castor Construction

CAT Engineering

Daikin Applied



Material Handling Exchange


MH Equipment

Miami Industrial Trucks

Morris Furniture

Proctor and Gamble


T-Rack Installation

Venture MFG

Warehouse Equipment

Westchester Protective Gear